Australian Bass

The Australian Bass is a catadromous species, moving from freshwater down to estuaries in winter months to breed. This species is a important recreational fishery in the south east Queensland and is one of our best sport-fishes; however, dams and weirs constructed on coastal streams are impeding seasonal movements and hence the survival of populations.

Mary River Cod

Fresh water cod were once abundant in the waters of the Mary,Brisbane and Stanley and the Logan-Albert river systems.Cod up to 35kg and probably bigger once lived in these rivers and regular catches of fish up to 15kg were not uncommon. Now the cod remains only in parts in its natural state in the Mary river system.

Fish Stocking Figures (as of January 2019)

Wyaralong Dam Since the inception of the Dam(December 2014)

Australian Bass 95000  

MaryRiver Cod 47000

Logan River Since 1998 (Including Christmas Creek and Running Creek)

Australian Bass 521000

Mary River Cod 26700

Albert River Since 2001

Australian Bass 287500

Mary River Cod 13950